Ask how we can partner with you and your home-schooled student!

Rockford Lutheran School recognizes exciting potential in partnering with families whose children are home-schooled for a portion or all of their current education.  We welcome you to join the Rockford Lutheran family to supplement your student’s academic opportunities and give them access to arts, activities and athletics that will prepare them for successful, fulfilling futures.

Transcript Services—RLS will work with families to assign an objective value to the experiences designed by the Homeschool parent.

Testing—RLS offers testing programs and individual tests to help understand a student’s progress and support college applications.

Diploma Achievement—An objective certification of the successful completion of an academic program can be a valued symbol of achievement.

College Counseling—The development of a plan that leads to college admission can be helpful. A good counseling program should be visited at least annually to adapt for student growth.

Graduation—Graduations are festive occasions that can create valuable life memories and mark the passing of one life phase and entry into a new world.

Experiential Learning—RLS can arrange internships with a variety of industries, organizations and agencies. The match is most important and the structure of the internship provides the road map for gaining maximum insight from the experience.

Online Learning

  • Dual Credit—RLS built partnerships with Concordia University WI and Grand Canyon University that allow for cost effective courses offering both High School and College credit.
  • Lutheran High Courses—RLS has provided the organizational drive to create a catalogue of courses written and taught by active Lutheran teachers.
  • Recommended Courses—RLS has experience with online course catalogues. We can share our evaluations of courses that offer the best educational value.
  • Mentor Supported—Students meet regularly with an on-site mentor who can monitor online learning progress and remove obstacles from software, hardware or course content.

Teacher-Led Instruction

  • Upper Level Math—We offer a full menu of math including Calculus for college credit and Advanced Placement Statistics.
  • Project Lead The Way—PLTW is a nationally recognized K-12 curriculum that provides hands-on skill development with an eye toward advanced studies in Engineering and medical careers.
  • Performance Music—We offer Band, Choir and Orchestra at the Jr/Sr High level. We also offer lessons and ensembles for Elementary students.
  • 3 World Languages—RLS offers Spanish, German and French in levels 1-6.

Extra-Curricular Activities

RLS offers a full slate of Illinois High School Association (IHSA) sanctioned activities. Students who wish to be eligible for state series competition must enroll in at least 1 course each semester. For Jr. High and Elementary teams and activities, eligibility is determined on a case by case basis.