Online Learning



Each student of Rockford Lutheran School is required to complete a minimum of one online course prior to high school graduation. The rationale for the online requirement include: expanding a student’s horizon beyond what RLS can offer in a traditional learning environment and equipping students with an online educational experience in preparation for learning after high school.

Options include:

  • Credit recovery course – student completes an online class to replace a class they did not pass during the regular school year
  • Enrichment class– student completes an online class that is not offered at RLS for credit. These classes would earn high school or college credit and are usually quite demanding
  • Online class from RLS– the 10 Online Health course is the only RLS online course available currently
  • Massive Open Online Course [MOOC] – students can sign up through many universities and other agencies to attend a course that is free [or very inexpensive] that offers a certificate of completion. These courses vary greatly in number of lessons and time required.

Common Questions

How can my child meet the online credit graduation requirement?
A student can receive online credit for graduation through credit recovery, an enrichment online class or a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC).

What is the process for choosing and registering for an online class?
LINK HERE Print off and follow the process on the form to meet with Mr. Kortze and choose your class.

How do my student’s online grades/credits get recorded on their Rockford Lutheran transcript?
Your student is responsible to see that their grade report is sent to the academic dean’s office at RLS.  If your student is taking a MOOC the completion certificate will need to be submitted by your student to the academic office.  Other online providers will send grade reports to the academic office at the request of the student.  It is important to know that it is the student’s responsibility to see that their grade report/credit certificate has been submitted in order to receive RLS credit.

If my student has questions regarding their online class or MOOC where can they get assistance at RLS?
Contact Mr. Kortze if you have questions as to credit/transcripts/fulfillment etc., or if you have a question about online providers/course terms/online learning.