Rockford Lutheran Visual Arts provides an outlet for students to create and express their interpretation of the world and Religion through their art.

Visual Arts Offerings

Explorations: This is a middle school class where the students get a “sampling” of art and its different mediums.  This class is the duration of one quarter.

Art 1:  This course is where students learn the fundamental elements of art through a variety of mediums.

Art 2: Portraiture is the focus of Art 2.The students learn the structure and proportion of the face and work with different mediums to create both abstract and realistic portraits.

Art 3:  Sculpture is the focus of Art 3. The students manipulate different mediums to create both constructed and deconstructed sculptures.

Art 4:  Photoshop and Photography is the focus of Art 4.  The students learn the basics of Photoshop the first semester.  The second semester is a focus on their photography and how they will manipulate it using Photoshop.

Visual Ats Awards

Rockford Art Museum Young Artist Show

  • Stephanie Sincox- Best in show 3D (2015)
  • Kaitlyn Erboe – Best 7th grade piece (2014)


Rock Valley Art Show

  • Andrea Shumann – Juror’s Mention (2015)
  • Korissa Ostic – Juror’s Mention (2014)


Big Northern Conferences Art Show

  • Many students have places in multiple medium 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.


  • The Art Department participates in the yearly Snow Sculpting Competition at Sinnissippi Park
  • The Kiwanis Art Auction
  • Senior Show- The seniors get to display a collection of their best work.  The show happens the same night at the Spring Concert.

Art Club

Meets twice a month; participates in activities such as:

    • Window painting of local businesses (Generations Credit Union, Edgebrook Center)
    • Set up and decorate for the Mandrigals dinner
    • Paint backdrops for plays
    • Paint murals
    • Design Art Club shirts every year
    • Participate in local competitions (Scarecrow building competition with PA Peterson)