For years Rockford Lutheran has been investing in a program to allow our students to earn college credit while in high school; that is not unusual. We offer multiple ways for a student to earn college credit; other schools do that as well.

What distinguishes our program is a fully accredited Dual Credit program which allows students to complete their first year of college by the time they graduate high school. This translates to earning a Bachelor’s degree in only 3 years and significant financial savings for families!  High School students attend classes during the school day, in our building, that are granted credit by Concordia University Nebraska, assuring that this dual credit work on our campus will be accepted towards their college diploma. AND, Rockford Lutheran is the only school in the area to have individual transfer agreements with more than 25 colleges and universities (listed below), that have agreed to pre-equated course correlations assuring these credits will be accepted by the receiving institution.

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