Sports Physical Examination

The IHSA and the Rockford Lutheran Jr./Sr. High School Athletic Dept. requires all student-athletes to provide a current sports physical examination prior to practicing the first day of the season. This examination must be completed by a licensed physician after June 1 of each year. The sports physical is only valid for 395 days. Student-athletes will not be allowed to start practice without a current physical examination form on file with the athletic dept. The physician and the parent must fully complete both sides of the form and sign it prior to giving it to the athletic office. All incoming freshman and sixth graders must obtain the required school entrance physical examination. This required physical examination can also be used as the sports physical examination.

Academic Expectations

Athletes must be enrolled in at least 5 classes per semester.
  • If less than five classes were passed during the prior semester, the student is ineligible until the following semester has been successfully completed.
  • If a student has failed a class the prior semester, then the individual is ineligible until a passing grade is established during the current semester. The term for establishing a passing grade will be determined at the conclusion of the first three grading periods of the current quarter.


Athletes must be in attendance of all of their classes to participate in any athletic activity (practice or contest) that day.
If a student leaves or misses school for either a doctor or dental appointment, then upon returning to school that day, the student must provide the main office with an excuse from the doctor/dentist on official letterhead.  Absenteeism on the day before a weekend or non-school day activity will be addressed on an individual basis by the Athletic Director or his/her appointee.

Weekly eligibility reports will be used to determine the academic status each and every week school is in session.  A 4-point system is used.
F’s = 2 pts.
D’s = 1 pt.
A student is ineligible if he/she has 4 or more points. The student will also be ineligible once he/she has earned an F in the same course for 4 weeks during the
course of an athletic season.
  • Students will be pulled from practice participation if they are on the F list to participate in the after school study hall. Athletes with an “F” must participate in
    the after school study program once per week per “F” until the grades have been raised. Students who do not participate in the after school study program will
    receive a detention. The study program runs Monday-Thursday from 3:20-4:00 pm.
  • A student who is ineligible will have to sit out each week until they are determined to meet eligibility requirements. Grade reports are checked on Thursday and the student will have to sit out the following Monday-Sunday if they are deemed ineligible.

Parents/guardians shall be notified
of any eligibility problems or discontinuation of participation by the Athletic Director.  Notification of eligibility problems and/or discontinuation of participation is the responsibility of the activity advisor or coach of that sport. Notification shall be made by Friday following determination of eligibility.
  • If a student is absent during the week, and such absence creates a situation of ineligibility because of missed work, the eligibility of the student will be determined by their status the previous week, until they have completed their make-up work accumulated due to absence. They are allowed a minimum of one day to make up homework for each day of an excused absence. For example, of the student is absent Wednesday and Thursday due to illness, and they were eligible the previous week, they would remain eligible until Sunday. At that time it will be determined whether or not they would remain eligible for that week. The normal process would then resume the following Thursday.
  • The period for determining eligibility is the semester. If a student has failed the prior semester, then he/she is ineligible until a passing grade is established. The term for establishing a passing grade will be the conclusion of the first three grading periods of the current semester (typically at least three full weeks). Students will miss a minimum of three weeks of competition if they fail a class from the previous semester.