Parent Pledge

Rockford Lutheran High School recognizes that the use of alcohol, drugs and the challenges associated with them are a major problem in our Rockford community, particularly among our youth. We take seriously our role in helping each student acquire the skills and attitudes necessary to live a Christ-like life. In addition, we also encourage cooperation with legal authorities in addressing issues related to alcohol and drug use. Ultimately, our school looks to assist parents in nurturing our young people through these adolescent years, seeking to develop them into constructive community members who consistently demonstrate positive Christian character.
Our Goal:
We therefore feel that it is in the best interest of our student body, and most conducive to the accomplishment of our mission, to promote and maintain an alcohol and drug free school, and to promote an alcohol and drug free lifestyle for our students.

Our Pledge:

As a parent at Rockford Lutheran and a member of the Crusader Parent Network, I pledge the following:

  • I will be present at all parties/gatherings at my home and property or ensure appropriate adult supervision.

  • I will not serve or allow students under the legal age to consume/use alcohol, drugs or tobacco at my home or property.

  • I welcome communication with any parent/guardian who observes my student using alcohol or other illegal substances.

  • I will communicate with parents/guardians of any student I personally observe using alcohol or other illegal substances.

  • I will not assist with or condone the rental of hotel rooms for unchaperoned parties by any students.

As a signed member of the Crusader Parent Network, I will demonstrate consistent support for these measures, and the application of school policy to violations. It is understood that confirmed violation of these expectations on my part will result in removal of my name as a member of the network.  Members of the network will be listed on the school website in order to encourage communication with fellow parents.
Please CLICK HERE for a listing of parents who have committed to be part of the Crusader Parent Network for the 2021 / 2022 year.