Service is a core value at Rockford Lutheran School.  In addition to being Christ-Centered and focused on excellence and harmony, we have a commitment to service.  Serving encompasses a wide variety of service opportunities: to God, to family, to school, to each other and to our community.  Exciting things are happening at Rockford Lutheran! We are finding new ways of showing how service fits into the total Lutheran experience.

This spring, all the junior/senior high students spent a part of their day off campus, at over 20 local sites, performing community service. The students visited a wide array of organizations, while providing thousands of hours to our community, and also learning about the needs of our community. The students did an excellent job representing themselves and Rockford Lutheran!  Glowing reports have been received from agencies who were grateful for the service performed and enthusiastic about having our students back next year.

There are some new initiatives to look forward to this next year. First, Rockford Lutheran is implementing a community service learning pilot project in the high school.  Community service learning will take place in a small group of homerooms. It is the process of combining learning objectives with community service in order to provide a pragmatic, progressive learning experience while meeting societal needs. The classrooms will develop a year-long service project with a community agency under guidance of a Rockford Lutheran faculty member.  This exciting service experience has the breadth and depth to provide students with an exceptional learning, serving and leadership opportunity.

In addition, Rockford Lutheran will continue with its Day of Community Service.  Next year, the service day for junior/senior high students will be combined, with a tentative date of October 9.  Once again, parents are welcome to serve by being a chaperone or driver for the students. We look forward to re-emphasizing our commitment to service and being known as the school that cares for the community.

Lastly, Rockford Lutheran will be organizing a fall service fair at the high school to introduce students to different volunteer opportunities.  There will also be monthly group service opportunities where students will be able to perform service hours while working with their peers.

The goal moving forward is to be intentional about exposing students to service, and encouraging them to be active, involved members of the community.  The faculty is excited about opportunities in the future to work beside our students; building relationships with them while building a stronger school and community.

By Jessica Iasparro