In recognition of National Hispanic Heritage Month, students in Mrs. Dana Fustin’s Spanish and World Language classes participated in a project called “Los paises hispanohablantes” (Spanish Speaking Countries). Students researched 1 of 21 different Spanish-speaking countries, then created Google slide presentations to share with their class. Topics covered all aspects of the country chosen, including culture, food, national flag, and religion.

According to Mrs. Fustin, the objective of the project was to help students recognize the many differences and similarities of Spanish-speaking countries, and to expel commonly held stereotypes about their history and culture. It also introduced students to the spread of Spanish influence throughout the Western hemisphere, and even into Equatorial Guinea in Africa. The assignment supported Rockford Lutheran’s CORE Value of harmony, teaching students how we are all part of God’s world.

National Hispanic Heritage Month is recognized from September 15 – October 15. It is during this time that many Spanish-speaking countries celebrate their independence from Spain. The “Los paises hispanohablantes” presentations coincided with Mexican Independence Day celebrated on Thursday, September 16.