Rockford Lutheran’s Multicultural Club is a new Jr/Sr High organization with the purpose of promoting cultural diversity. Students are challenged to become more inclusive of social norms representative of cultures around the world. With direction from faculty club advisor, Dr. Patricia Jackson, and Jr/Sr High students Niles Hite, President (Senior) and Shanell Jackson, Vice President (Junior), club members seek to explore and value the nuances of as many cultures as possible, while introducing positive, reflective, and introspective programs to their peers and the community in a just and Godly way.

Since the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, the club has involved students in a variety of multicultural events, including: painting of the “Unity” Rockford Public Library mural in collaboration with the Art Club, Day of the Dead (Spanish & French), a club Harvest Festival discussion (Europe & Asia), World Religion Day, a club discussion about the Jewish Holocaust, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day (America).

In recognition of Black History Month, the Multicultural Club has arranged for three distinguished guest speakers to present at the Jr/Sr High Chapel during February:

February Chapel Speakers
Feb 11 – Rev. Steven Warren, St. Paul Lutheran in Chicago, IL
Feb 16 – Rev. Amos Gray, High Impact Ministries
Feb 25 – Rev. Dr. Roosevelt Gray, Director of LCMS Black Ministry and Member of the Black Clergy Caucus

The Multicultural Club continues to partner with outside community organizations, such as Resurrection Lutheran Church, the Rockford Public Library, and the National Library Association. While its students learn the importance of fulfilling Rockford Lutheran’s CORE Values of Christ-centered, excellence and service, it is through harmony that students are encouraged to embrace diversity! We thank the Multicultural Club for empowering students to use their unique God-given talents to make the world a better and more harmonious place.