Academic Meeting Nights

Financial Aid Night
09/16/2021 7:00pm in the Core
What are the details of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) process that will impact your student? Please be sure to join us for this critical information.PowerPoint Presentation - 2021YouTube Video Recorded 09/16/2021
Upcoming Events
Senior College Planning Night
10/07/2021 7:00pm in the Core
At this culminating event, we provide helpful information on college searches, early decision/early action, the enrollment process and all the final steps of completing your high school career. Some information is also shared concerning financial aid, but note that we also reserve an entire event to just that topicPowerPoint Presentation - 2020
Freshman College Planning Night
10/14/2021 7:00pm in the Core
This event is designed to help assure that we know the steps of beginning our high school experience well. We look at the opportunities available at Rockford Lutheran and get into the specifics of what colleges are looking for. What do we want to get in place today that will result in a great transcript and the ideal college opportunity in just four short years?PowerPoint Presentation - 2020YouTube Video Recorded 10/14/2020
Minority College Planning
11/04/2021 7:00pm in the Core
The college planning process is complicated and frequently confusing. This is a new event for assisting families with planning for the college experience that is oriented to the unique opportunities available to our minority students. PowerPoint Presentation - 2020YouTube Video Recorded 11/04/2020
Junior High College Planning Night
01/13/2022 7:00pm in the Core

There are a number of decisions about classes and activities at the junior high level that impact what the high school transcript will look like. What decisions do we need to make now to be sure we have the transcript that will get us into the university of our choice? What will college cost? How can I be ready for that? How do I begin considering what my career plans should be? Join us to find out! PowerPoint PresentationYouTube Video Recorded 01/13/2021
Sophomore College Planning Night
01/20/2022 7:00pm in the Core
What courses do I seek to provide the best transcript possible? What do I do now to prepare for Dual Credit and AP options? How do we begin this process of career planning and the college search? Join us for some helpful information on where to begin today.PowerPoint PresentationYouTube Video Recorded 01/20/2021
Junior PSAT/College Planning Night
01/27/2022 7:00pm in the Core
This is the beginning of a key decision making time-frame. We will begin by providing the results of the PSAT test. Each student will get a print-out of their data along with a log-in for the PSAT site that will help us begin making some college/career plans. We will also have time to talk about course requests for next year.PowerPoint PresentationYouTube Video Recorded 01/27/2021
Junior College Planning Night
03/11/2022 7:00pm in the Core
This is the beginning of the key decision making process. Where do I want to visit? What do I do when I get there? What do I ask? How do I compare? Make these next months count as we zero in on our college plan.PowerPoint PresentationYouTube Video Recorded 03/11/2021
Sophomore College Planning Classes
How do college classes and credits work?PowerPoint Presentation.

Degree Comparison Worksheet
Zoom Recording 04/28/2020
Sophomore College Planning Classes
What do I want to major in?PowerPoint Presentation

ICIS Worksheet
Zoom Recording 05/01/2020
Sophomore College Planning Classes
Rockford Lutheran Honor Societies - Purpose and ProcessCHS-NHS PowerPoint Presentation

NHS Application

CHS Application
Zoom Recording 05/06/2020
6th grade Program Introduction
Information about the enhanced program opportunities available to 6th graders during the summer and how this can prepare them for an accelerated academic program throughout their high school careeAcademic Folder Information SheetZoom Recording 05/06/2020